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On the Front Lines

Nashville is at a crossroads and we need a fighter that will stand up for our values. We've seen the city and state give away our tax dollars to big businesses and need someone who isn't afraid to put communities and working people over corporate interests. We desperately need someone that will help invest in our people and our vibrant neighborhoods. Over the last four years, I have been that voice on the council fighting for my community and our shared progressive values.


I’m ready to take this fight to every corner of Nashville and tackle the real problems that Nashvillians face every day while working hard to create a future for our city where everyone benefits from our growth.

Nashville is a great city because we have great people who live here. The time for Nashville to prove itself to the rest of the world is over. Now it's time to focus on us. It's time for Nashville to focus on our neighborhoods, our local businesses, and most importantly our people.

Focus on Neighborhoods

Nashville has experienced incredible growth over the last decade. Our city heavily focused on downtown, resulting in a beautiful and robust economic engine for our city. Our neighborhoods deserve the same level of investment. We have to prioritize policies that make life better for the people living here, ensuring quality of life and safety improvements. This looks like more sidewalks, better traffic control systems, and increased access to public transportation. It also means making sure Metro never neglects basic services like trash and recycling.

Focus on Local Business 

We have family-owned businesses, local entrepreneurs, incredible artists, and world-class musicians who call Nashville home. We need to do everything we can to support our neighbors and expand our homegrown businesses. By creating more business incubation centers and providing much-needed small business support, we can focus on creating local opportunities for Nashvillians.

Focus on All Nashvillians

I’m working to create a Nashville where everyone who lives here has a chance to succeed. Nashvillians are being pushed out of the communities that they call home, resulting in families being uprooted and forced to live outside of our city. The people who WORK in Nashville should be able to afford to LIVE in Nashville. Choosing smart growth and affordable housing solutions, paying our metro employees a real living wage, and fully funding our public schools are some of the ways we can ensure that ALL of us who call Nashville home have the opportunity to live, work and thrive.



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